Wooden Watches For Men ?>

Wooden Watches For Men

Originality when talking about fashion has become more than crazy. How to add this little thing that is not “plenty on the face”, and at the same time makes a big difference in look. The answer is wooden watches. Because of the unique grain of natural wood, a wood watch is so unique in a sense that its pattern can’t be the same two times. This means that even in mass production they can’t controle how the pattern will be. This uncontrollable feature of natural wood is what makes it so interesting. Additionally, today many brands has made a business out of producing wooden watches like Original Grain, Earthwood and Treehut. They combine natural wood with a bit of stainless steel, mainly for the band clasp.


Treehut Wooden Watches

Treehut watches are one of these brands that produce beautiful minimalist timepieces. They make wood watches out of Bamboo, Zebrawood, Ebony and many others. You can find watches made entirely from 100% natural wood and others which have natural wood on the case and a leather strap. This choice is very intelligent as it will attract more audience that are not familiar with all wooden watches that makes them uncomfortable at beginning.


Warmth of a Wood Watch

In addition to their unique wood grain, a wood watch provides warmth and feeling of connection with nature. Also, because wood becomes softer as it ages, the changing watch would be more and more personal as time goes to become more smooth and shiny.
Of course the drawback of a wood watch when compared to the common watches is that it can’t be as water resistant as a steel watch. This is why wood watch brands uses the expression “Splash Proof” instead of water resistant to indicate that it’s ok to wash your hands with or get a bit of water, but certainy not swimming or diving with it.


Wood watches are here to stay, especially now when everybody is talking about sustainability and eco-friendliness. With many brands entering the battle,  they have now a better design and have brought an added value to men’s fashion and style.

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