Why Birkenstock Arizona Worth Its Price ?>

Why Birkenstock Arizona Worth Its Price

Besides the fact that many celebrities in the fashion industry have contributed to the comeback of the success of Birkenstock sandals by making them part of their wardrobe, comfortability is another crucial point that pushes even further their longevity as an iconic minimalistic designed fashion piece.

No doubt that someone who has never wore a pair of Birkenstocks and only bought them because of their look, will fall in love even more when he will experience the pleasure of walking with them.


Birkenstock Arizona


Arizona is the name given by Birkenstock to the famous sandals that everybody calls “Birkenstocks”, but in reality it’s the name of the brand not the model. The reason for naming it Arizona, which is an American desertic state, may be because it’s made for a desert-like hot environment and will survive all along your adventure in a wild territory because they are solidly manufactured.

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A Pleasure for the Feetbirkenstock-soft-footbed

Birkenstocks are designed in such a way that they get used to your feet and takes their shape since their insole is made out of a smooth material in which you can see your footprint on it after a long period of time, and thereby, each Birkenstock Arizona wearer will have a personalized pair of sandals. This is one of the secrets that makes Birkenstocks so comfortable.

The Footbed

Birkenstock is a German based company that had from the beginning the idea of creating comfortable shoes out of natural materials. This why they have chosen cork and latex to create a footbed that is flexible and which allows weight to be distributed in an even way, which is another feature that adds comfort to Birkenstock sandals.

arizona-birkenstocksAs a last word, i would say that the comeback of Birkenstock Arizona sandals in the fashion panorama is strongly justified since it’s a footwear that has character, comfort and made out of good materials and you get what you pay for.


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