Ways to Wear a Blazer ?>

Ways to Wear a Blazer

Among all young menswear wardrobe, the blazer is one of the most versatile piece of clothing. Mainly made to go with a suit, same color and same fabric, but it’s being more and more detached from its partner. To avoid wearing your favorite hoodies or a sporty coat when you must be formal, the blazer is the best option.

Types of Blazers

The most en vogue style of blazers nowadays are the standard double-breasted with the two-button. Simple, minimalistic and easy to close and open.

Important to note when buying a blazer to make sure that when it is worn that it doesn’t form an “X”, which it’s a sign that it’s too tight. And even if you have, initially, in mind that you will always wear it open, make sure that it’s not too tight when worn.A man never know when he could change his style. Also, you may consider the wrinkles, when the blazer is worn, as a clear sign of looseness, and of course you don’t want the cuffs of the blazer to go past you knuckles.


The navy blazer Jacketmenblazer

In the American Blazers category, the navy blazer is one of the greatest ones to have in your wardrobe. If  the company you work in doesn’t have a very serious wearing code, you can leave the suit away and put on the blazer jacket and wear it preferably with large trousers. If you want your navy blazer to suit more your personality, then you can replace its buttons by other that you find more adequate.


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