Tips to Style a Look that Looks Your Age ?>

Tips to Style a Look that Looks Your Age

There is a common style issue that young men face right after having passed the adolescence stage, and which couldn’t be noticed until your close friends start looking at you more longer than they usually do. If you’re still putting skinny jeans and skin fit shirts or lightweight sweaters with graphic shapes on them, then it’s a clear sign that you didn’t yet shifted to the fashion of your age. Here are some tips to help you change the situation by replacing some of your menswear accordingly.


Go for Button ups T-shirts

Instead of your previously preferred t-shirts, opting for button ups make you look more serious and therefore more adult. To accentuate the adulthood feeling, go for grayish tones and dark tones and keep away from flashy colors. And you may want to avoid the contrasty checkered button ups in order not to look like a hipster. Long-sleeve casual button ups are ideal in this case, and if it’s hot in your area, then you can simply roll the sleeves up.

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V-Neck Shirts

If you aren’t so sure that you want to divorce the T-shirts all at once, then putting on v-neck T-shirts is a better alternative and which could also be a great companion in spring season.In addition to that. you can always mix things together and  put on a neutral colored button up shirt underneath it to look even more adult. And not to forget to avoid T-shirts with graphic art on them or wisdom quotations texts, just stay sober and simple.

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No Skin Tight Pants anymore

This is a must get rid off, go for large to even baggy pants to look more serious and quit the teenager’s (bad fashion) of these days. Dark gray, deep blue and beige are colors that are very representative of maturity.


When it comes to shoes, unlike pants, baggy ones are to avoid. Get some leather shoes to style with your decent ups. Tennis shoes have also a very clean look, but avoid flashy red, yellow, blue and all other vivid colors. Boots are also a great game changer when it comes to changing your young look, but it only works in autumn and winter season. And for Spring/Summer seasons, some good men’s loafers are a must have. A pair of Birkenstocks is also a great option in summer time and looks serious enough. Taupe is one of my favorite colors when it comes to loafers.

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A medium size serious watch

When i think of serious dressy watches, i get the Nixon’s watches in my mind. Their watches are not only affordable, they also have a very classy and virile look that will suit very well a guy, or a man, who wants to affirm his look in terms of manliness. The Nixon 51-30 is a great choice for this situation.

I hope you will profit from these guidelines and resist the temptation of your previous wearing routine.





A Blazer

This is the “Cherry on the cake”. A blazer is the final touch that will boost your adult man affirmation. Make sure you look for some tips on how to wear one in our blogpost :  ways to wear a blazer .

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