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Why Birkenstock Arizona Worth Its Price

Besides the fact that many celebrities in the fashion industry have contributed to the comeback of the success of Birkenstock sandals by making them part of their wardrobe, comfortability is another crucial point that pushes even further their longevity as an iconic minimalistic designed fashion piece.

No doubt that someone who has never wore a pair of Birkenstocks and only bought them because of their look, will fall in love even more when he will experience the pleasure of walking with them.


Birkenstock Arizona


Arizona is the name given by Birkenstock to the famous sandals that everybody calls “Birkenstocks”, but in reality it’s the name of the brand not the model. The reason for naming it Arizona, which is an American desertic state, may be because it’s made for a desert-like hot environment and will survive all along your adventure in a wild territory because they are solidly manufactured.

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A Pleasure for the Feetbirkenstock-soft-footbed

Birkenstocks are designed in such a way that they get used to your feet and takes their shape since their insole is made out of a smooth material in which you can see your footprint on it after a long period of time, and thereby, each Birkenstock Arizona wearer will have a personalized pair of sandals. This is one of the secrets that makes Birkenstocks so comfortable.

The Footbed

Birkenstock is a German based company that had from the beginning the idea of creating comfortable shoes out of natural materials. This why they have chosen cork and latex to create a footbed that is flexible and which allows weight to be distributed in an even way, which is another feature that adds comfort to Birkenstock sandals.

arizona-birkenstocksAs a last word, i would say that the comeback of Birkenstock Arizona sandals in the fashion panorama is strongly justified since it’s a footwear that has character, comfort and made out of good materials and you get what you pay for.


Ways to Wear a Blazer

Among all young menswear wardrobe, the blazer is one of the most versatile piece of clothing. Mainly made to go with a suit, same color and same fabric, but it’s being more and more detached from its partner. To avoid wearing your favorite hoodies or a sporty coat when you must be formal, the blazer is the best option.

Types of Blazers

The most en vogue style of blazers nowadays are the standard double-breasted with the two-button. Simple, minimalistic and easy to close and open.

Important to note when buying a blazer to make sure that when it is worn that it doesn’t form an “X”, which it’s a sign that it’s too tight. And even if you have, initially, in mind that you will always wear it open, make sure that it’s not too tight when worn.A man never know when he could change his style. Also, you may consider the wrinkles, when the blazer is worn, as a clear sign of looseness, and of course you don’t want the cuffs of the blazer to go past you knuckles.


The navy blazer Jacketmenblazer

In the American Blazers category, the navy blazer is one of the greatest ones to have in your wardrobe. If  the company you work in doesn’t have a very serious wearing code, you can leave the suit away and put on the blazer jacket and wear it preferably with large trousers. If you want your navy blazer to suit more your personality, then you can replace its buttons by other that you find more adequate.


Best Loafers For Men

I’m not sure if i’m seduced implicitly by the simplicity of the structure of loafer shoes because of their ease to be slipped as they has no laces, or it is only about the look it has, or even because mens loafers have a versatile style and which could be worn in formal and casual situations. Whatever he reason is, there is no better time to get a good pair or good pairs of nice loafers than spring season and which will be also valid for the next season – summer. Here is our top loafers for men for your to pick.

Anatomy of a Loafer

Not all mens loafers are created equal. So before you take a look on our top loafers down this page and as a quick loafer shoes guide, in this image you’ll find three main styles of loafers.


Ralph Lauren Men’s Whiteley Loafer


Ralph Lauren requires no introduction. The authentic style of this loafer is not a surprise from this classic design house. The black one adds more adulthood feel. It’s available in different colors.

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Rockport Men’s Luxury Cruise Penny Loafer


This is a loafer that every man caring about comfort. Brown leather is our choice for this one. This shoe is made of Adiprene designed to absorb shocks with nice cushioning. The out-sole as you can see in the picture has a pattern that is made to grip on multiple surfaces and it’s made of rubber.

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Rockport Men’s Penny Loafer : Commercial Director 


This one is a classic from Rockport. This Penny men’s loafer is called Commercial Director, but not exclusively worn by this industry. You can guess by its look that virility pops out from the first sight. The leather of this one is a bit darker than the previous one giving it a more luxurious look. This loafer features an Adidas technology of Adiprene designed to shock absorption. The foot-bed is a cushioned EVA.

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Rockport Men’s Penny Loafer : Classic Lite



Less shiny but more classy, Rockport released this traditional penny loafer with some nice comfort qualities such as the ability of the footbed to conform to foot, the Shock-absorbing PU outsole and just like the previous one from the same house, a special heel cushioning by Adidas.

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crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Loafer


This is one of the most well rated men’s loafers. Very casual, this crocs has  bareathable perforated footbed. Made of fabric, more precisely canvas designed with frayed edges that gives a unique look.

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Giorgio Brutini Men’s 17603 Slip-On Loafer

Giorgio-Brutini-Men's-17603-Slip-On-LoaferA stunning look from Giorgio Brutini. A sharp and classy shoe face  made of Quilted lining. The heel is quite small, it measures  approximately 0.75″ . The sock insole is reported to be comfortable.

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PEPE-3 Bruno Casual Loafers Boat shoes

PEPE-3-Bruno-HOMME-MODA-ITALY-Men's-Fashion-Driving-Casual-Loafers-Boat-shoesThese are one of the cheapest loafers you can find on the internet. An Italian fashion from Bruno these are man made material, flexible and lightweight that provides comfort to your feet.The heel measures 0.5″ approximately.

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Dockers Men’s Sinclair Kiltie Loafer

Dockers-Men's-Sinclair-Kiltie-LoaferThis is the only classic Tassel Loafer of this list from the well-known Dockers. You have the choice between Black and Brown. It features mocc-toe stitching and a leather footbed that is nicely cushioned. A very good choice to enrich your work wardrobe.

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Bass Men’s Logan Flat Panel Loafer

Bass-Men's-Logan-Flat-Panel-LoaferA very sturdy style from Bass. This brown Leather penny loafer features a slotted vamp and a leather sole. The heel measures 1″. Could worn formal and casual and still maintaining a virile look. The color of this leather is Tan. Burgundy is also a gorgeous leather color that you can check by clicking here. And of course black is available too.

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Nixon 51-30 Chrono Watch Review | A Men's Watch

Nixon-51-30-Chrono-Watch-Review-A-Mens-WatchWhen you are on a budget, you can’t help but to notice the great value that the Nixon 51-30 (a.k.a A124) has to offer at a small amount of
dollars. Classy and strong with a bit of sensibility in the overall feel thanks to its nicely chosen typeface for the numbers. I will go on this review over the features that make this timepiece so appealing.

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A124-2-Nixon-51-30-Chrono-Watch-Review-A-Mens-WatchThe 51-30’s Case

The diameter of the case is like the name suggests is 51 millimeters wide and 14 millimeters thick, and is made of a nice looking gray brushed stainless steel. The bezel of this watch is unidirectional, meaning it rotates in only one way, and has number carved on it. To prevent your arm from harm, The crown is positioned at 9 o’clock beside are the pushers that are positioned at 8 and 10. This Nixon watch is water resistant and can go up to 200 m (660 ft).


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The Dial

The dial window is a mineral glass. The dial is is 6-hand chrono equipped with a small date window  positioned right on top of 6 o’clock, in addition to 24-hour and seconds sub-dials and a countdown timer. The hands features luminous fill but an owner of this watch has reported that  it does not light up or glow in the dark. This Nixon watch has very attractive bold A124-Nixon-51-30-Chrono-Watch-Review-A-Mens-Watch-dialnumbers that are so easy to read and which come out because of the great contrast between the white color of the Arabic numbers and the dark background of the dial. The Nixon logo is placed right where it should be, at the top, to give more space to the sub-dials to be read without effort. The hour hand has the Nixon’s logo’s symbol engraved on it, and is, along with the other moving hands, in the same steel color just like the bezel. Their movement is a Miyota Japanese quartz with analog display.

The Leather BandA124-Nixon-51-30-Chrono-Watch-Review-A-Mens-Watch

The leather of the Nixon 51-30 is  what ads the casual and classy look to the watch. Natural brown is my favorite and blends very nicely with the dark tone of the dial. Nixon claim that it is durable.The band width is 25 millimeters. The closure or clasp of this watch is a stainless steel buckle.


The Nixon 51-30 Chrono watch is for you if you want a classy leather band watch that feels enough heavy on you’re wrist but still don’t look so huge all in a very affordable price. Amazon has put a 25% discount on the black and brown one, meaning: you save $92, click here to check this discount.