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Invicta Pro Diver Watches ?>

Invicta Pro Diver Watches

Invicta is an American watchmaker famous for producing the Pro Diver watches at the best quality/price rapport in the market. Raphael Picard founded Invicta Watch Company in 1837 in Switzerland and put his family to its operation. At that time, there were no quartz movement but Swiss mechanical and which Picard family had been producing. A while before producing the Pro Diver watches collection, the Invicta interest in diving watches has began very early. One of the popular watches from…

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Wooden Watches For Men ?>

Wooden Watches For Men

Originality when talking about fashion has become more than crazy. How to add this little thing that is not “plenty on the face”, and at the same time makes a big difference in look. The answer is wooden watches. Because of the unique grain of natural wood, a wood watch is so unique in a sense that its pattern can’t be the same two times. This means that even in mass production they can’t controle how the pattern will be….

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Nixon 51-30 Chrono Watch Review | A Men’s Watch ?>

Nixon 51-30 Chrono Watch Review | A Men’s Watch

When you are on a budget, you can’t help but to notice the great value that the Nixon 51-30 (a.k.a A124) has to offer at a small amount of dollars. Classy and strong with a bit of sensibility in the overall feel thanks to its nicely chosen typeface for the numbers. I will go on this review over the features that make this timepiece so appealing.   The 51-30’s Case The diameter of the case is like the name suggests…

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