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Month: April 2016

Ways to Wear a Blazer ?>

Ways to Wear a Blazer

Among all young menswear wardrobe, the blazer is one of the most versatile piece of clothing. Mainly made to go with a suit, same color and same fabric, but it’s being more and more detached from its partner. To avoid wearing your favorite hoodies or a sporty coat when you must be formal, the blazer is the best option. Types of Blazers The most en vogue style of blazers nowadays are the standard double-breasted with the two-button. Simple, minimalistic and…

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Best Loafers For Men ?>

Best Loafers For Men

I’m not sure if i’m seduced implicitly by the simplicity of the structure of loafer shoes because of their ease to be slipped as they has no laces, or it is only about the look it has, or even because mens loafers have a versatile style and which could be worn in formal and casual situations. Whatever he reason is, there is no better time to get a good pair or good pairs of nice loafers than spring season and which…

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Nixon 51-30 Chrono Watch Review | A Men’s Watch ?>

Nixon 51-30 Chrono Watch Review | A Men’s Watch

When you are on a budget, you can’t help but to notice the great value that the Nixon 51-30 (a.k.a A124) has to offer at a small amount of dollars. Classy and strong with a bit of sensibility in the overall feel thanks to its nicely chosen typeface for the numbers. I will go on this review over the features that make this timepiece so appealing.   The 51-30’s Case The diameter of the case is like the name suggests…

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